The 1000-line is the most popular one with its simple, convenient, wide and very reasonable applications. DAI TAN offers 1000-line with a variety of design options, flexible functions from single leaf, 2-leaf door, to partition, combined with fixed panels or slat blades in the typical Asian design style, bringing unique beauty. The color panel has many exquisite choices, suitable for various architecture styles.

  • Powder Coating
  • wood grain
White (PTX)
Gray (PXX)
wood grain 200 (20)


2-wing round opening door with fix umbrella
door opening 1 wheel
doors open 2 roll inside



Versatile design options.
Used for partition wall.
Durable aluminum frame.
Sophisticated color treaments.
Basic depth: 0.9mm – 1.1mm.
Combined with single-point lock.
Basic depth: 100mm.
Glass groove: 11mm.
Watertightness: Fair.
Windtightness: Fair.
Soundproofing: Fair.


quality pure aluminum 98%.
high-tech closed paint line
capacity system that creates a strong geological frame
long time using and color durability
resistant to all weather impacts
premium quality glass glass aluminum doors elective wind, dust, noise.