DT93 is preferred for sliding door, which optimizing space, expanding vision, and suitable for urbanized architecture and narrow-area construction. DT93 line offers durable, solid, high-bearing aluminum profiles and a smooth and safe operation thanks to its specialized accessories. Flexibility in designing offers customers with a variety of door styles, custom number of door leaves and a diversed color chart suitable for various styles.

  • Powder Coating
  • wood grain
White (PTX)
Gray (PXX)
wood grain 200 (20)


Various models
Durable aluminum frame.
8 delicate colors.
Thickness: 1.5mm – 3.0mm.
Combined with multi-point lock
Basic depth: 93mm.
Glass groove: 125mm.
Watertightness: Good.
Windtightness: Fair.
Soundproofing: Fair.


quality pure aluminum 98%.
high-tech closed paint line
capacity system that creates a strong geological frame
long time using and color durability
resistant to all weather impacts
premium quality glass glass aluminum doors elective wind, dust, noise.