System 39A


39A pop-up window has a modern and sophisticated design, suitable for villas, high-rise buildings, and offices. The product is popular because it can open the door to get light and wind while ensuring that the house is not splashed with water. At the same time, opening and closing the door does not affect the space and area of the room.

  • Powder Coating
  • Wood grain
  • Anodized
Wood grain 200
Wood grain 196
Wood grain 198



The door is opened to the outside angle 45 degree and 90 degree for stunning doors.
Design used terminal strap to resist supply to the wall.
Multi-point system and double gasket: when closed, the multi-point system will stretch the door and frame toget a stealth and high insulation and sound. also, the multi-point system has anti-based effects.
Maximizing space: when the door is closed, it does not affect the space and the usable area of the room.
Open windows floor out when open to grow more window out, prevent drain into, can open the door for ventilation in rating conditions.
Multiple used in low-survey constructions and major in asia countries.